Harki dun Trek

Harki dun Trek

Introduction of the trek

Har Ki Dun trek covers up to 47kms of distance and is at an altitude of 11,675 ft. This trek which is often

known as ‘beginner’s trek’ is famous for its lush vegetation and variety of fauna. Har Ki Dun offers a

majestic view of the surrounding snow-clad Himalayan peaks like Swaragarohini, Black peak and

banderpoonch and at its summit point, one can witness the North Face of the Swargrohini peak; popular

as the pathway to heaven. A few places one can visit while on the trek are; Panorama Point, Duryodhana

Temple, and Jaundhar glacier. The native villages of Har Ki Dun are tucked in the lap of the valley and

they capture the true essence of the region. Two of the villages; Sankri/Saud and Taluka, are more easily

accessible in terms of connectivity through motor vehicles. However tucked deeper within the valley lie –

Datmir, Gangad, Puani, and Osla. These villages can be reached through trekking only.


Day 01:

Distance covered: Drive 197 km

All the enthusiastic trekkers collect at Dehradun, a city with its own charm. Alongwith our well-trained guides

and everyone ready for the journey ahead, we start our journey and drive towards what shall be the starting

point of our trek – Sankri. The journey is full of mesmerizing views of the mountains and we shall

often witness the Tons river that will run parallel to us as we move towards our destination. Sankri is located

in the Govind Pasu Vihar National Park at an altitude of 1950mts. It surprises one with its picturesque beauty

and quite well-to-do facilities. Thus, after a 10-11 hour long drive, amidst which we shall make a few stops for

lunch and refreshment we finally arrive at the secluded and calm village of Sankri.

On reaching Sankri, we shall check into the pre-booked hotel/ resort. A delicious dinner shall be served andeveryone can relax from the tiring full day journey, as

well as prepare themselves for the trek that shall follow the next day. If one feels like it, they can explore the

Sankri village and interact with the locals. They can take a short tour of the village and its small markets. They

can explore the indigenous crafts, home-grown eatables, and other native things Sankri has to offer.

The trek leader briefs us about what the course of the journey shall be for the next day. After this, we can tuck

ourselves in our cozy beds to rest and prepare for the exciting journey which shall follow.

Day 2

Distance covered: Drive 12 km, Trek 9 km

We wake up to a breath-taking sunrise at Sankri. This is definitely a sight one shouldn’t miss. It is best witnessed with

the morning tea or coffee, as the sunrise hits the snow-peaked Swargrohini. Today is the day all the trekkers shall hit the road

and embark upon an adventure. They are provided with a healthy and energizing breakfast. Everyone is expected to

ensure they have a good supply of water bottles and a few energy fuelling snacks that shall keep them hydrated and

energized along the way. We shall drive from Sankri to Taluka before we embark upon our trekking journey. On our way to

Taluka, we get to experience more of the pine forests and meadows. Our drive comes to a stop at Taluka. Taluka is where

the actual trek begins as everyone ascends towards Ganghad which is at a height of 2560mts. On our adventure, we get to

cross the Tons river and move through Dhatmir village. One gets to experience the Himalayan flora and if lucky, we might

spot Boars, Barking Deer, and other animals native to the region. Osla is where we have our campsite and once we reach

our destination, we shall retire to our respective tents and relax. The evening shall be lively and entertaining as we will have a

bonfire and sit and share tales under the clear starlit night sky. The experience is blissful due to the fresh and positive

atmosphere of the campsite that lies amidst raw natural beauty. We will have a sumptuous dinner amidst this lovely ambiance

and then retire to our beds, as the next day trek shall be way more energy-consuming and adventurous.

Day 3

Distance covered: 15 km

Today we shall trek to the main campsite which we all have been eager to set foot on since we set out on our journey to
Har Ki Dun. The trek is an 11km terrain. As we start walking with our guides leaving the beautiful Osla village
behind, we shall delve deeper into the lush green vegetation of the Himalayan region. We will walk through
the meadows adorned by orchids and shall be able to view the lovely mountains enveloping the valley. The Har Ki Dun
height that we shall ascend to is 3200mts from where we started at Osla. On our way, we get to cross wooden
bridges that run over streams and rivers and walk through coniferous forests. Thus, when we reach the Har Ki Dun
trek site we are delighted to be surrounded by the Har Ki Dun and Swargrohini peaks which magnificently stand
towering above is. The Har Ki Dun temperature is perfectly suited according to the season in which you shall choose to
trek. The gentle breeze, the soothing atmosphere, and the blissful silence make you fall in love with the Har Ki Dun
trek. The journey is adventurous and the destination proves to be exciting and delightful.

Distance covered: 15 km

The sunrise at the Har Ki Dun valley looks outstanding as the sun comes up from behind the mighty mountains and
fills the valley up with the morning light. We shall have our breakfast amidst this natural ambiance and then prepare
ourselves to embark further into Uttrakhand trekking experience. One becomes quite familiar by now, with the
Har Ki Dun trekking routine, and has well acclimatized to the Har Ki Dun weather. Thus, all prepared and belly –filled
we embark upon our Har Ki Dun trekking trail once again. Today, we shall be traversing almost 15kms from the
campsite and back. We will visit the Jaundhar Glacier. The Jaundhar glacier is the summit of the Har Ki Dun valley trek
and it is quite a huge glacier. The trail is grassy and snowy if you tend to trek in winters. On our way to Jaundhar
glacier, we may witness a beautiful snowy trail in winters which makes the trek to Har Ki Dun one of the best treks in
Uttrakhand. We spend a wonderful time trekking and exploring the region, clicking pictures, and doing a variety
of activities or nothing at all (if that is what you please) but just taking in the natural beauty of the Har Dun valley has
to offer. We then trek back to our campsite at Har Ki Dun and rest for the night after an exhausting but fulfilling day.


Day 4

Distance covered: 11 km

Today’s trek shall take almost the entire day. However, the trek shall be easy because we will be traversing downhill. As we
descend downhill, we shall cross a few villages on our way. The landscape and sceneries we will witness, seem to be right out of
a painting. Har Ki Dun Valley Trek fuels your imagination and creative senses. It is one of the best treks to take up if you wish
to take a break in life and simply be one with the source. We reach Ganghad physically tired but mentally and emotionally
fresher than we have ever been. We re- energize with a lovely dinner and it is advised to ensure that you are well hydrated
after the entire trekking experience. We finally, rest the night at Ganghad as the next day we shall embark upon our final Har Ki Dun trek.


Day 5

Distance Covered: 19 km

We spent a very relaxing night at the quiet village of Osla and today we shall hit the trail descending back to Sankri
village. The journey is easy as we go downhill and experience the Himalayan beauty throughout the Har Ki Dun
trek. On reaching Sankri, we can finally call it a day. Make sure you indulge yourself in the local cuisine and head out
to explore the village of Sankri. You are at one of the best trekking destinations of Uttrakhand and it would be a
shame to not familiarize yourself with the local lifestyle and all the exotic things the place has to offer.

Day 6

We check out of Sankri and hit the road to Dehradun. We shall drive and reach Dehradun by late evening.
The wonderful trekking adventure of Har Ki Dun thus comes to a wonderful end and all the travelers depart to their respective destinations from here on.



Down Jacket


Woolen cap



Woolen gloves


Basic Medicines

Track pants

Portable Charger


Essentials to carry


Anything that has not been covered in the inclusions

mentioned above.

Porters or mules to carry your personal luggage. The

cost per bag (10/12 kg) is 300 perday.

Any kind of personal expenses.

Any kind of personal medication.

Harki dun Trek
Harki dun Trek4