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Being in Ladakh is a mountainous region and a Union Territory in the north India and in the area known as the Trans-Himalaya, (the lands beyond the Himalaya: . The people are a mixture of Buddhist and Muslim 50% of each. Buddhists are the majority in the east close to the Chinese border and a slight majority overall while Muslims have the majority in the north and west. Travelers are likely to see more of the Buddhists as the majority of the tourist attractions are in the east and directly related to Tibetan Buddhist culture sure to check your rented bike before you leave so that you don’t end up getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. As always in India, drive carefully, as other drivers often lack caution.

Things to note

1. In most sections of the journey, the roads are in a bad condition but in certain conditions, the roads are literally non-existent. Bottom line is that BRO (Border Roads Organisation) has done a good job, with whatever little resources that are available, in making these difficult terrains accessible to vehicular traffic.

2. Though there are many mechanics in Leh who deal with many bikes, the availability of spares is limited. So before you leave please be sure to get your bike serviced (also get all cables checked/ changed, set chain, get oils topped up, brakes inspected, etc.) and also carry all necessary spares (cables, chain link, bulbs, etc.)

3. Make sure to carry the originals of all your bike’s documents.

4. Glaciers tend to melt as the day progresses and flow (at some places across roads). So be sure to plan to reach and cross these glacier melts commonly known as Nalas (for example Pagal Nala, Khooni Nala, Whiskey Nala, Brandy Nala etc.) during the earlier part of the day when the flow is low and the depth of the water is still easily passable.

5. When you encounter a Military convoy, always pull over and let them pass. It might be a good idea to find out from the locals as to when the convoy goes uphill and downhill and try to time your trip accordingly.



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Mountaineering also called Mountain Climbing is the sport of attaining, or attempting to attain, high points in mountainous regions, mainly for the pleasure of the climb. Although the term is often loosely applied to walking up low mountains that offer only moderate difficulties, it is more properly restricted to climbing in localities where the terrain and weather conditions present such hazards that, for safety, a certain amount of previous experience will be found necessary. Without trainning, mountaineering is a dangerous .

Mountaineering is different from other outdoor sports in that nature alone provides the field of action—and just about all of the challenges—for the participant. Climbing mountains embodies the thrills produced by testing one’s courage, resourcefulness, cunning, strength, ability, and stamina to the utmost in a situation of inherent risk. For most of the climbers, the pleasures of mountaineering lie not only in the “conquest” of a peak but also in the physical and spiritual satisfactions brought about through intense personal effort, ever-increasing proficiency, and contact with natural grandeur.

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