Thatharana Trek In Winter – An Interesting Alternative Trekking To Triund Trek

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Thatharana Trek In Winter

Trekking is one of the common adventurous activities carried out by many people nowadays. It is not only a relaxing activity but also improves one’s physical fitness. We can say that it will be challenging for your fitness since it will help you know your fitness level.

In India, Himachal Pradesh is the best spot for trekking. The most famous trekking is Triund Trek. But do you know that there is the best alternative to this Triund trekking? It’s the Thatharana trek in winter. If you are new to this trekking, then here is a small guide on Thatharana Trek camping.

The Thatharana trek price is budget-friendly and you don’t need to spend too much money for the trekking. During this trekking, you can have a brilliant 360-degree view of Kangra Valley. This will be a thrilling route and you can climb to one of the best unexplored treks.

If you are someone who hates crowded trekking where there is more noise then this Thatharana trekking is the one for you. You can have more peace here since it’s the most unexplored trekking of the place. This trekking is only about 5 km but doesn’t take the distance lightly because though the trek is of short distance, it will be a bit tiring.

This trek will take you around three to five hours based on your stamina and capacity. Know that the intensity of this trekking will be moderate. It’s not very difficult trekking but you will be satisfied with this trekking. The best views of nature will come after the hardest climb in this trekking.

Things To Know About The Thatharana Trek In Winter:

The Thatharana trek in winter usually starts at a village and it will lead you to the forest soon. During the trekking, you will be in the forest most of the time. Walking through the forest, sometimes you will find yourself longing to see the open space from where you can stare at the beautiful view of the mountains.

The mountains around this place will catch your eye and will motivate you to reach the top sooner because from the top you can have the clearest view. You can reach the place to start your Thatharana Trek camping by air, bus or train. Since this place is located at Dharamshala, it will be the first point you will reach. After reaching the Dharamshala you can reach Kharota the starting point of your Thatharana Trek camping.

The best time to go for the Thatharana trekking is April to May or from October to November as the possibility of snow and rain is less and the weather will be pleasant to carry out trekking. You can pay the Thatharana trek price and carry out trekking at any time throughout the year. But choosing the best time is important to complete the trek with memorable moments. For snow trekking, you can choose from December to March. Thus, the time for the Thatharana trek in winter is in your hands.

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