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Frozen Chadar Trek

Frozen Chadar Trek in Ladakh – it is undoubtedly one of the favourite Himalayan treks of many people. If you are first time hearing about the Chadar trek, then here is a small guide for you.

When talking about the Chadar frozen river trek – as the name implies you have to imagine walking on the frozen river for almost 8 hours in a day at an altitude of about 11,000 feet. And don’t forget the temperature is always below ranging from -5 to -35 degrees. Hence we can say that the Chadar trek 2023 is not for everyone but it’s the perfect choice for someone who wishes to get the best unique experience of their life.

Before carrying out the Chadar trek booking know that it’s one of the toughest treks in India since you have to walk over the frozen river, sleep in the ice and might even touch the deep ice-cold water. It will be a wonderful experience if you carry out this trekking with proper care and guidance.

Since many people come to know about this trekking, nowadays you can find that many people look forward to this trekking. This will make you understand the responsibility of being a better trekker.

What is the frozen Chadar trek?

Ladakh is a place which will never fail to impress visitors. During the summers you can find that the place is vibrantly full of colours and the sound of life. The same place will look desolate and bleak during the winter months. It will almost cut off itself from the rest of the world during these months hence Leh will be closed due to heavy snowfall. The only way is to use flight.

The Zanskar river is a wild river gushing through the treacherous canyons and ravines of Ladakh. During the summer the river will flow with all its passion while during the winter time, the river freezes and calms down. A thick blanket of ice will form over the river hence, it makes the Chadar frozen river trek.

Before your Chadar trek booking know that the temperature in the morning will be as low as -10 degrees while it will be around -25 to -30 degrees in the evening. The Chadar trek 2023 will be mostly a seven to eight days hike in inhospitable conditions over the river.

Is the Chadar trek difficult?

Chadar trek – it’s not a difficult trek when compared to other difficult trekking. But it’s definitely tricky trekking. This trek will be a constant fight for willpower to carry on with the trekking. The best and only time you can do this trekking is between mid-January to mid-February.

Warm clothes including heavy jackets, thermals and fleece are essential during trekking. Have gloves, several pairs of socks, trekking shoes and other essential things for the trekking. Know that a total of 8-9 days is required for trekking. Hence, make sure that you plan your trip accordingly so that you can complete the trekking.

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