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Masoor Temple

Masoor temple location is Himachal Pradesh. The Masoor temple location is 34 km from Kangra. Pragpur village is famous for its amazing limestone rock-out temple complex, architecture, ancient history, mythology and many more.

About Masoor Temple:

The Masoor temple is one of the amazing Hindu Temple complexes built during the early 8th century. The Rock cut temple of Masoor is a wonder itself. There is so much in the state of Himachal Pradesh that amazes people each day.

The Hindu Temples are a version of the style of Nagara architecture and are made in dedication to Lord Shiva, Devi, Vishnu and Saura Gods and their traditions. The iconography of the temple is still surviving which was inspired by the henotheistic framework.

The complex of this temple is brilliantly designed and well built. Most of its complexity is still quite stable and surviving yet people say that the people who built the temple had a great architectural vision. The temple has survived many earthquakes and its parts are also damaged. Thus the temple remains incomplete. Most of the reliefs and sculptures of the temples are no more found yet it is an interesting spot for travellers.

History of Masrur Temple:

When we are talking about the history of the place we can say that the temple complex was first reported by Henry Shuttle worth in 1913. According to Michael Meister, the art historian and a professor specializing in Indian temple architecture. This temple is the best example of a mountain temple which is best in style.

What Are The Top Attractions Of The Masrur Temples?

1.Sacred pool – The temple was made as per the Hindu texts on the temple architecture and thus has a sacred pool of water as well.

2.Entrance – There are three entrances to this temple out of which the two entrances are incomplete.

3.Temple layout –The temples are in the form of a square grid where the main temple is in the centre and the smaller ones surrounding it.

There are many things which you can do in the Masrur temples. The amazing architecture of the temple is the top attraction of the place. You can explore the history of the temples and get amazed by their architecture. You can click on the amazing pictures of this temple so that you can have an everlasting memory. You can visit the temple is open from 7 AM to 7 PM. It is also preferred to avoid visiting the temples in the monsoon season.

This is mainly because the risk of dangerous landslides due to heavy rainfall is higher. People can plan the trip during the time of Shivratri as a small fun festival will be celebrated in the temples by the local people.
When you are around the Dharamshala-Mcleodganj you can easily reach the temple. Just plan the trip in the best way so that it will become your memorable trip in which you can witness the best architectural temple.

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