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Golden Temple Tour

One of the top places on the list while travelling within India will be especially visiting Punjab and witnessing the Golden Temple of Amritsar. This is a temple which will welcome everyone with its beauty and spirituality. Despite your matter faith, race or culture everyone will be welcomed here.

If you look for a Golden Temple tour then know that this place is located in Punjab which is around 460 kilometers away from Delhi. You can spend a slow train to witness the beautiful places during the travel. You can make this trip more special if you choose the right service provider and Amritsar Golden Temple tour package.

More Details About The Temple You Have To Know Before Your Golden Temple Tour:

This Golden Temple Amritsar is an irresistible gurudwara which is nestled at the centre of the captivating water pool. This temple is crowned with a pure golden dome which secretes the tranquillity and modesty that will calm your soul. Do you know? This place is the oldest and the holiest shrine of the Sikhs. Then why do you call it a golden temple? Let’s know more about it here.

During the Golden Temple tour, you will find that this temple has no bar for religion and caste. It is solely based on the belief in God. It is also referred to as the HarimandirSahib which means the house of God Hari. The mounted pure gold plate made this temple get its name, Golden Temple. This peace will be incredibly peaceful and you will find it with your Amritsar Golden Temple tour package.

If you have already visited this temple, then you will accept that this place is worth visiting again and again. The visiting hours for this temple are between 4 am to 11 pm every day. There is no best time to visit the place. Hence whenever you have free time you can visit this place and get a unique experience at this place.

However, if you love to visit this place at its best time, then you can visit early morning when the Palki procession takes place. During this period you can find the temple is its own charming look. You can find the devotees singing Gurbani during this time. We can say that you will be immediately impressed when you visit this temple. Make that you visit the best tour planner so that you can find an affordable Amritsar Golden Temple tour package.

Don’t get fooled by any form of discrimination. This place is for everyone who has utmost faith. This temple can be visited by anyone but make sure that you should cover your head with a piece of head cloth. Also, dresses like revealing clothes or shorts are not allowed inside the temple. Every visitor should wash their hands and feet before entering the main gurudwara. You can keep your luggage safely outside the temple at the separate counter. You can get tea, water and Prasad in the temple which is absolutely free.

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