Kasol Tosh Malana Kheerganga Trip – Make Your Free Days The Most Memorable One

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kasol tosh malana kheerganga

Do you wish to witness the charms of the valley? Then all you need is to look for the Kasol Tosh Malana Kheerganga trip. This place is surrounded by beautiful spots so that one can easily plan their trip from Kasol to Tosh, Malana, Manikaran and many more. So if you wish to witness the overwhelming beauty of nature then Kasol is the place which you have to visit.

This Place Is Located In Himachal Pradesh And You Can Easily Plan Your Trip From Kasol.

The Top Places To Visit In Parvati Valley During Your Kasol Tosh Malana Kheerganga Trip.

1. Kasol – This is the main place which you should visit in Parvati Valley. This is the best hill station which is filled with a lot of entertaining things. Here you will see a lot of travelers together and you can meet new people and know more about other people and their culture. Another reason you should visit here is that you can camp at this place and witness the beautiful moon at night. Especially you can witness the most memorable moment when you visit here during the full moon day.

2. Kheerganga – Earlier only a few people know about Kheerganga trekking but nowadays many people try trekking. The view you can get from the Kheerganga trekking will be absolutely breathtaking and you will definitely love t. The trek can be a little tiring.

But once you reach the top you will actually be able to have a complete view of the city and snow-covered mountains from a distance. You can just visit and enjoy this view before ending your Kheerganga trekking. This will be really peaceful and calm. Thus you will feel that you are relaxed completely after tiring busy days.

3.Tosh – This is another amazing place to visit during your Kasol Tosh Malana Kheerganga trip. This place has several little and colorful homes from which you can get the perfect view of the Pulga river. You can also walk around this place to various glacier-covered peaks and meadows to enjoy your time. You can trek to this place which will be the best part of the trip.

4. Malana – This is a beautiful place situated on the other side of the Parvati valley and you can access it through a personal vehicle or rented vehicle or trekking. It will be only a small trek which covers only about 2-3 km and takes about only two to three hours to complete it. But all these times you will be mesmerized since you will definitely get the best view of your life.

Malana is generally surrounded by majestic and tall mountains on both sides. Also, the Parvati River will pass in front of it which separates it from the other side of the valley. This place will be an interesting sport for you.

5. Manikaran–This place is located at the banks of the Parvati River and is filled with beautiful temples. If you are a religious person then you can’t miss this place. One of the main attractions of this place is the hot springs and the beautiful background. Honestly, you can find beautiful scenery behind the temples.

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