Beautiful Things To Know About The Thatharana Trek In Winter

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Thatharana Trek In Winter

When we talk about trekking in India, Dharamshala is the place which will comes to your mind. Here Triund trek is the most popular trekking choice. People carry out Triund Trek booking so that they can have a unique experience since it’s famous nowadays.

People visiting Triund can literally see the clouds of danger hovering above Triund just like Kheerganga. Nowadays, the Triund trekking is getting overcrowded and more commercialized which means the environment of Triund is getting more disturbed very rapidly. Hence if you are looking for an alternative trekking option to Triund then you check out the Thatharana trek in winter.

Thatharana trekking will be more beautiful than you think. Hence it’s the best option if you wish to have an alternative option to Triund trekking. This will be a most amazing option but not many people are aware of this trekking destination.

What Is The Thatharana Trek In Winter All About?

Thatharana trek in winter is a base camp en-route Kundli pass in the Dhauladhar mountain range. It is located at an altitude of 2600 meters which is just 150 m less than the Triund trek. But know that both the Thatharana trekking and Triund trekking are exactly opposite to Dharamshala. From both these places one can view the front view of the Dhauladhar range clearly.

Both these trekking will be easy to moderate. The trekking will only take about 4-5 hours and this time depends on the pace you make during the trekking. During this track you can look at some spectacular views here you will not feel bored. The trek will actually start from the village on the side of the valley. You can easily witness the nature views. Know that this Thatharana trekking or Triund trek will be different from your regular technological world.

You can be free from your laptop, computer, mobile and other things during this trekking. You will lose yourself completely here. Looking at the houses made with flat stones and rocks, you will feel that you are in a different world since you will not use more technology here. Hence you will feel more peaceful during this trip.

But make sure you carry out Thatharana or Triund Trek booking in advance. In this way, you can plan your entire trip perfectly and enjoy every moment you stay there. Here you can even hear the voice of nature. This will create magic within you which will spread to your heart. The trail will be completely surrounded by nature which will be the main attraction here. You can have intervals while trekking and continue your trekking.

If you wish to have a better experience then you can carry out night camping during this trekking. If you are new to trekking then you can look for a guide who will support you during this trekking. The weather will be pleasing. Even the little sweat from the body will be evaporated with excitement during the trekking. This will be an entirely new experience for you and you can witness some heartwarming views of nature.

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