Why Should You Plan Your Chadar Trek 2023 Today?

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chadar trek 2023

The Chadar Trek or the Frozen River Trek is the most important and popular winter trek in India. You can plan your 10 days trekking here on the frozen river of Zanskar and the temperature here will be as low as -30 degree Celsius.

This Chadar trek 2023 will take place in the beautiful land of Ladakh. Also, this Chadar trek will offer you a truly memorable experience of your lifetime. In winter, as the temperature drops a thick layer of ice will develop on the river of Zanskar.

This layer of ice will act as the highway which connects the Leh with the Zaskar Valley and for hundreds of years, the Zanskari people usually love this ice travel. The flat ice usually saves time as it cuts down the trek up and down the passes. Also, the Chadar trek booking is easier if you choose the right travel agency.

Nowadays, the road network is constructed and the ice is used as the trek taking people from Chilling village to Nerak in the middle of the winter. The Winter season during the Ladakh will be truly mesmerizing for many people. You can witness the snow covering the mountain and landscape.

How Cold Will Be The Chadar Trek 2023?

As discussed, the Chadar trek 2023 will be cold. Hence there will be many confusions when it comes to Chadar trek booking. If you love winter times and could bear the cold then you can book your trekking during the winter time. the climate will be extremely cold during the winter time. As mentioned earlier, the temperature will get as cold as -30 degree Celsius.

chadar trek 2023

As the river flows at the bottom of this valley the temperature will be at its lowest. Also, the slightest breeze which moves downstream will add a chill to the wind as well. Though you will cover only 50 kilometers, the cold makes the Chadar Trek the hardest trek.

Tips For Your Chadar Trek:

While you are preparing yourself for your Chadar trek make sure that you wear at least five layers of clothes and also at night, make sure that you use hot water bottles so that you can protect yourself from heat. This is the only best way to keep yourself warm. As you walk during the day time, the body will heat up naturally and you can sip hot water in the middle to make yourself warm.

Sometimes, you may be shivering and everything which you have may freeze. Hence, make sure that you keep yourself and other things warm so that you can use them. Though it might be freezing, people love Chadar trek booking. If you are a first-timer, then you can hire a guide who will support you during the trekking.

You can contact the guide in advance before leaving your place to know what things you will need during your trekking. This will help you make sure that the Chadar trek 2023 will be the most memorable one in your lifetime.

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